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NEW! 2010 NEOI 936 CDMA 2000


German Design and Engineering sets Worldwide Trends and sets an Example Worldwide as far as the most exquisite Designs. No matter if it is Design is in the Telecommunications or Industrial Sectors, Germans dominate the World Market by offering extreme High Expertise and overwhelming Knowledge and superior Quality. 909 " Fon Fashion " is " Made in Germany ", be Part of the Neoi Form, Color and Technology Process.


2010 New  Product Series CDMA 2000

Preliminary Technical Specifications

The next generation of Fon-Fashion by Celluland, CDMA 2000, WCDMA based on QSC1110

 Get caught with the Neoi “Eye”.  INCLUDES: 2 Batteries, Charger Cable, 1 GB Micro SD Card (max 16 GB), Headphones, Neoi PC Adapter and the one and only Neoi sock. Size (W x H x D): 46.8 x 107 x 13.8  mm .


CDMA 1X: 450/800/1900MHz 3 in 1

Tri-Band GSM/GPRS, Wap 2.0, Java 2.0

SMS, MMS, multiple Data Services

153.6Kbps data

 Build in Video IP-Phone

Brew , OMH , UTK2.0 , SMS, MMS

Audio and Video Recorder for many Audio and Video Formats

Audio and Video Library

FM Radio

It has a scratch resistant Aluminium Housing



MP3, MP4, FM , T-Flash , Bluetooth 2.1(A2DP)

2.0''TFT QVGA Color LCD

Dual ( front and back) 2M Pixel camera

1000mAh Li-lon battery

 Taking time is about 7 hours , Standby time is 7 days

72 Polyphonic Ring tone

Internet Messenger - special Neoi POP3 / SMTP eMail

free service available via eMXI-Mobility

a Celluland – eMXI Service, Global IP Phone, allows FREE Global Phone Calls from where ever the user is located to home and Office, via the NEOI-eMXI Mobility  VoIP Network



The EXCLUSIVE Neoi design Wrist Power Band – Battery Power – USB Charger on the wrist of

Your hand for Dual Phone usage and charging while You Walk Switch and Talk

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High-Tech designed in Germany by  pic technology  manufactured by Neoi

a part of the  Group

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